My name is Ivonne van Dreumel and since 2004 owner of Bengal cats. I live in Drunen which is in the southern part of the Netherlands. Since 2004 my addiction for Bengals started and in 2006 I started breeding with the bengals. Read more about the cattery…

We’re Social!





Take a look at my girls. All of my breeders are tested for HCM, PKD, PKdef and PRA-b.



Since August 2015 I stopped working with a waitinglist. In case you are interested in a specific combination, please inform about the possibilities but no reservations can be made in advance for a kitten. First we need to look how many are born and of which sex they are.



Take a look at my boys. All of my breeders are tested for HCM, PKD, PKdef and PRA-b.

What we stand for!


All breeding cats will be screened for HCM and PKD around the age of 1 year. HCM screening will also be repeated each year for the boys and each 2 year for girls. Also the breeding cats are tested for PKdef and PRA-b.


The kittens stay with their mother till they leave to the new owner at the age of 13 – 16 weeks. The kittens receive 2 vaccinations (9 & 12 weeks) and will be dewormed several times.


Regularly there are kittens born and raised in the house. Socialization is something which I find most important, and therefore a lot of time is spend on this during the time the kittens are living with me.


Next to it I find it important that there is a match between the future owners and the character of the Bengal cat.

Wild look

Priorities are “no rib bars” and “small rosettes”, “a strong and energetic but elegant cat”. Breeding bengals who have the wild look is one of my new goals.


The most important is to reach this goal by working together with other catteries.

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