My name is Ivonne van Dreumel and since 2004 owner of Bengal cats.

I live in Drunen which is in the southern part of the Netherlands. Since 2004 my addiction for Bengals started and in 2006 I started breeding with the bengals.


If the weather somewhat admits, then the cats go outside which they like very much. Apart from that they staying also in the house….. and helping with everything (cleaning, working at the PC, showering). Everything I do, they do!

In my  cattery several rooms are available like a “nursing room” (for the girls to give labour and stay apart from the rest) and “kitten area” (special area where the kittens can stay till they leave to their new home and were they have a big play area and can go outside in the outdoor enclosure). The kittens are staying in the living room from 5 weeks onwards to get used to a normal house situation 😉

Kitten cage

Nursing room

On the picture the double kitten cage which is in the nursing room. The cage can be used to separate pregnant girls or if a new kitten/cat needs to be in isolation. Normally the pregnant girls can go in the cage based on free choice but often prefer another place in the room 😉

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Living Room

On the pictures below the new separated area in the livingroom which is connected with one of the outdoor enclosures. The area can be open or closed with sliding glass doors.

Toys & Catwheels

The cats live in several parts of the house including the living room. The cats  have also an outdoor enclosure (see picture above) with a catswheel, cat tree, climbing tower  and shelves.


Two outdoor enclosures are available for the cats. One is attached to the house and the other is at the end of the garden attached to the barn. This outdoor enclosure has also two houses in which the cats can stay during the night. During the summer months the boys are allowed to stay in the outside enclosure (in winter they will be transferred inside due to difference in temperature.)

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