Mio.Dollar.Baby Kryptonite

DOB: 09 May 2020
Father: Sunnydale Playboy
Mother: Mio.Dollar.Baby Sarabi


Mio.Dollar.Baby Kryptonite aka Krypto arrived on 13 September 2020. Krypto is a very lovely active boy, always playing and purring. He has nice small rosettes, no rib bar, nice colour of the coat, good head and chin. Hopefully he will turn out into a big boy 😉 

Health & Genetics


PKdef N/N and PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

HCM/PKD screening planned for April/May 2021

Kryptonite will be tested to see if he carries for snow !

Krypto is the upcoming boy for 2021 😉 He is not available for outstud matings !